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Multi-Workspace and How to Set it Up

How to setup multiple workspaces for multiple locations or employees

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By default, MessageDesk provides a single workspace/inbox for users. This Inbox is connected to a single phone number that can be shared across an entire team.

But some organizations need to set up multiple workspaces for their different teams or separate locations.

In this case, MessageDesk can provide multi-location access to your admin account. This way, underneath a single "account" you can have access to multiple phone numbers or workspaces.

Each workspace serves as its own shared team inbox.

Why would I need multiple workspaces?

  • Setup multiple locations on MessageDesk

  • Setup multiple phone numbers

  • Text-enable multiple landline phone numbers

  • Provide a unique text-messaging inbox for multiple reps or team members

  • Isolate different departments into separate phone numbers

How do I set up multiple workspaces?

To set up multiple workspaces please contact

Our sales team will then provide next steps for setting up multiple workspaces.

Can 1 team member have access to multiple workspaces?

Yes, you can add the same team member to multiple workspaces if you like. This way that user can see conversations under multiple MessageDesk accounts

Can I keep Workspaces private from one another?

Yes, each workspace is completely separate from another. Only the Admin user of the account has access to all workspaces by default. But you can choose to add users to 1 or many workspaces if you choose to.

How much does each workspace cost?

Each workspace is billed as a separate subscription. If you need to set up multiple locations it's possible to receive discounted pricing per workspace.

To learn more about possible workspace discounts, please email us at

More questions? Feel free to email us directly at We're happy to answer any questions.

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