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Adding a PDF to a Message
Adding a PDF to a Message

Struggling to send a PDF over text? Here's a way to send a link to your PDF

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Having trouble sending a PDF over text?

We have a pretty simple fix that allows your document to be publicly accessible.

Watch this short video or follow the steps below to get the overview.

1. Upload your PDF to Google Drive

First, open your Google Drive account so you can add the file you want to send.

Once opened, upload the PDF to your Google Drive library.

Note: Adding your PDF to a specific folder or location in your drive won't impact this process.

2. Make the File available for public viewing

Now that your file is uploaded, we want to make sure it's available for people to see.

By default, files will be restricted to being viewed by you or those within your organization (if you have a Google Organization).

To change this, select the three dots in the upper right corner when viewing your PDF. From there, click the 'share' option.

In the sharing menu, there will be a section labeled 'Get Link'. This is where you will copy the shareable link and edit the settings.

To make sure this document is viewable by anyone with the link, click the blue 'Change' button. Edit the setting so that the image is viewable to 'Anyone with this link'.

Once the setting is changed, all you need to do is copy the link to your document!

3. Copy the file link and paste into message (or template)

Once the link to your file is copied, you're almost there.

Now you can paste it in any MessageDesk template, any message in the Inbox, or a Broadcast.

Note: You can shorten your link by using the link shortener included with your MessageDesk subscription.

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