This is the MessageDesk Broadcasts module, this is where you'll manage, create, and send text messages to groups of contacts.


Each Group Broadcast is sent as a 1-on-1 private message to each group member unlike your traditional text experience on your personal phone.

If you haven't sent your first broadcast yet, you will be prompted to send a test broadcast out to an existing group. If you do not wish to do that yet, select the back button at the top left of the broadcast module.

Here is the Group Broadcast view:

This is where you view all of your different broadcasts and the group they were sent to. By default, we give you an "All Contacts" group but you can make more groups by clicking "Contacts" in the left side panel.

When you go to create a group you can make a Static Group or a Smart Group. More about the different types of groups can be found here:

Once you click on a broadcast from the main panel. This is the detailed view where you can see the report about how it was delivered.

You are ready to start creating and messaging your groups now that you have learned how to navigate the Group Broadcasts module.

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