This is the MessageDesk Broadcasts module, this is where you'll manage, create, and send text messages to groups of contacts.

Broadcasts are considered a 1-to-many message. That means that a Broadcast will not create a group message. Instead, sending a Broadcast will create 1-on-1 conversations with each recipient.

To learn more about Broadcasts continue reading or watch the video below 👇

Creating a Broadcast

Here's the first thing to know about Broadcasts, you will always send a Broadcast to a Group.

If you haven't created a group yet, you'll need to create one before sending out a Broadcast (we have already made some for you including an 'All Contacts' group).

Broadcast Menu:

After you send your first Broadcast, the Broadcasts menu will now be shown whenever you click on the 'Broadcasts' button in your toolbar.

This is where you view all of your different broadcasts and the group they were sent to.

Broadcast Reports

Once you send your first Broadcast, you can click on it in the menu to view the Broadcast report. This is the detailed view where you can see the report about delivery rates, opt outs, and the message that was sent.

You are ready to start creating and messaging your groups now that you have learned how to navigate the Group Broadcasts module.

If you have any questions about sending Broadcasts, feel free to email

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