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4. Register your Traffic (Don't get flagged for SPAM)
4. Register your Traffic (Don't get flagged for SPAM)

Registering your number with the carriers will help you avoid being flagged for SPAM.

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What it Registering Means to You:

With recent changes to the global carrier network, businesses are now required to register with carriers in order to access business text messaging services.

In recent months Carriers have declared a difference between P2P (Person-to-Person) and A2P messaging (Application-to-Person) in an effort to reduce SPAM. As a MessageDesk user, you are using an Application to reach your contacts and therefore need to be A2P registered with Carriers.

What is P2P SMS Text Messaging?

P2P stands for person-to-person or peer-to-peer text messaging. This is the normal texting (including group texts) you do with friends and family back and forth using your personal phone. Carriers aren’t dramatically changing their delivery standards for these types of messages in 2021. This is because P2P messages get sent and received in relatively low volumes.

What is A2P SMS Text Messaging?

A2P (application-to-person) messaging refers to texts that get sent using text messaging software. These messages typically originate from a business or organization as drip campaigns. A2P messages include text alerts, two-factor authentication messages, sales and marketing promotional messages. They’re essentially any kind of message that originates from a mass texting service or software.

With A2P you:

  • Can send texts in high volumes.

  • Send media and other attachments without fear of your texts going undelivered.

  • Get 100% delivery with up to a 98% open rate.

  • Have more opportunities to start conversations with customers and clients.

Here's How You Register with the Carriers:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu, then the Plugins menu of your MessageDesk account.

  2. Select the Carrier Registration Plugin.

  3. Click on Begin Registration and enter in all of your organization's information!

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