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Guide to SMS Compliance
SMS Compliance at a Glance: What you need to know to get started
SMS Compliance at a Glance: What you need to know to get started

Check out this overview on what compliance is and how to register with the carriers.

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Everyone hates receiving SMS spam on their personal phones.

To prevent SMS spam, US cellular networks force businesses to register their phone numbers to earn reliable SMS delivery.

Businesses that register with carriers will earn reliable, faster, and scalable SMS delivery.

Register with a valid EIN, CCN, or similar business ID.

Check out our full webinar on SMS Registration below:

What is Required to Register?

  1. Business Information: Website, Legal Address, Industry, TaxID (EIN), Stock Symbol

  2. Proof of SMS opt-in: Opt-in Form, Opt-in information, Privacy Policy

  3. Valid SMS Use Case: Describe the use of SMS, provide 3-5 sample messages

Not sure if you meet all the requirements? Take our registration quiz below to find out:

What are the benefits of A2P 10DLC Registration?

Reduced Message Failures

Registering your text messaging traffic prevents carriers from blocking your texts for SPAM.

Otherwise, you may see that the delivery rate of your broadcasts or other texts will drop.

Remember, even if you aren't texting for malicious purposes, your texts could still be blocked.

Increased SMS Throughput

Registration also affords you better throughput.

Throughput is how quickly your messages can be sent out.

For example, if I send out a Broadcast to 100 people, those people will not receive the message right after you hit 'Send'. Those messages will take a few minutes to be delivered to the recipient.

Carriers regulate how many messages can be sent out in a certain period. Registering your traffic could afford you a better throughput rate so your messages get delivered faster.

How to Register with Carriers:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu, then the Plugins menu of your MessageDesk account.

  2. Select the Carrier Registration Plugin.

  3. Click on Begin Registration and enter in all of your organization's information!

    ration below:

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