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Carrier Registration is required for all businesses sending SMS within the United States and/or Canada.

To register click the button below or watch this how-to video:

Note: If your number starts with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833 you will need to register your Toll-Free number below. Your registration may vary from the other registration questions. For guidance on registering for Toll-Free, visit this article.

What is Required for A2P 10DLC Registration?



Contact Information:

The below fields are for an individual in your organization who is the contact person for any compliance related inquiries.

Full Name

This is the full name of the individual.

Phone Number

The phone number of the individual. This should not be your MessageDesk number unless you have your number hosted.


The email of the individual.

* This needs to be the email of an individual who is a user on your MessageDesk account.

Organization Information:

This is the information of the Organization who is sending the message and contacts would expect to receive messages from.

Legal Organization Name

This is the legal name of your organization. It should appear exactly as it does on tax documents or other legal documents.

Business Website

This should be a working and active website for your organization. This is where your contacts would find you on the internet.

For MessageDesk, the website we would submit is


This is industry that your Organization is a part of. Please pick the option that best fits your Organization.

Organization Type

This is the legal classification of your Organization. By default, we will assume every submission is a private company. However, it's critical to indicate if you are a non-profit, government, or publicly traded company.

Tax ID (EIN or other Tax Identification Number)*

This is the Tax ID that your national government has assigned you. For US customers, this is your EIN number.

*Please do not submit your Social Security Number. That cannot be used for registration purposes

Organization Address

The legal mailing address for your Organization.

Organization Status

This is where you indicate whether you are a public or private organization.

Stock Symbol

If you indicate that you are a publicly traded company, please indicate the Stock Symbol that represents your organization on a public stock exchange.

Campaign Information:

This is the part of the registration where you explain why you are sending messages and how you collect opt-in.

Describe your use of text messages

This is where you describe what you use text messages for. This can be a simple but comprehensive explanation of what you use text messages for in your organization.

Opt-in Information

This should describe how a contact opts into receiving messages from you. Read more here for help on your opt-in/consent process.

Example: Customers submit a form to opt into messages. There is a disclaimer on the form that reads: "By checking this box you are agreeing to receiving automated marketing messages from Ben's Staffing Agency. You may receive up to 4 msgs/mo. Reply STOP to opt out and HELP for help."

Sample Messages

Sample messages help the carriers know what kind of messages to expect from your business.

The closer your sample messages are to your actual messages sent from your business in MessageDesk, the better your messages will perform with the Carrier Networks.

Please provide 2 Sample Messages that accurately depict the types of messages the Carrier Networks should expect from your team.

Proof of Opt-in

This should contain a screenshot, copy of a form, or other proof of how your clients opt-into receiving messages from you.

What happens once you submit your Registration?

Once we have submitted your registration we will submit it to a third party to verify your registration. They are known as The Campaign Registry and are responsible for handling registration with the carriers.

They will verify that your Tax ID matches the information that you have provided. In addition, they will verify that you are following proper procedure in order to collect opt-in from your contacts.

This process typically takes 5-7 days to be fully approved by the carrier networks, assuming your submission is approved.

*Note: If your registration is rejected for any reason, our Support Team will reach out via email to collect any additional information that is needed, or to help your team amend your registration according to Carrier Network requirements.

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