Here's the truth, MessageDesk works best with a team.

Your team can conquer the day with MessageDesk. Easily manage conversations at scale with a shared phone number, internal comments with your team, and conversation assignments. (Check out our Text Messaging as a Team article to learn how).

How to add your team:

1. Click on the Users icon in the top right corner of your MessageDesk account.

2. Add a user by either adding them manually or inviting them via email.

Invite a User:

This is the most traditional way to add a user, all you need to do is add your teammates email and decide their permission level.


We generally only recommend this option if you're an IT manager or other admin of the workspace. This option gives you control over what the users password is set as and their basic information.

3. Decide your Teammates permission level


Can do everything the Admin can do besides update payment information, subscription settings or make changes to phone numbers. Learn more about Manager permissions.


Cannot create new contacts, lists, or templates. They can still text contacts and view contact information. Learn more about Operator permissions.

To learn more about using MessageDesk with a Team, you can visit our guide on Messaging as a Team.

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