Toll-Free Registration Form Guide

A detailed guide on filling out the Toll Free registration form.

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This article is meant to give you an in-depth explanation of the Toll Free Registration Form.

Phone carriers are requiring compliance updates for toll-free numbers. This will require you to register your number with the carriers to maintain compliance.

We know this can seem like a hurdle, but here are the benefits of registering your number:

  • Better delivery rates

  • Prevents messages from being blocked for SPAM

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Question Guide:

Personal Information

Full name, email, and phone number

This basic information is used only if we or the carriers need to contact you about your messaging activity.

Business Information

Legal Name

This should be the legal name for your business that appears on your tax documents or business license.

Business Website & Address

These two pieces of information are used to validate your business.

Organization Type

This is the type of company that you operate so we can determine what type of registration best fits you.

Messaging Details

Message Type

For this dropdown, you are to choose which type of messaging most closely represents what type of messages you send. There are two categories, marketing or informational.

Oftentimes, informational messages are used for transactions, invoicing, and other notifications. Marketing messages are ones that are used to advertise or promote your service.

Canadian Delivery

If you are not a resident of Canada, the answer to this question will likely be no. This question is simply trying to determine if your contacts contain a majority of Canadian numbers.

If you are unsure and are not a resident of Canada, choose the no option.

Messaging Purpose

The purpose of sending messages should be an explanation of your business and why your business is reaching out to your contacts.

Opt-in Information

Note: For more information on Opt-in and how you can collect them using MessageDesk, read this article.

Opt-in's are how people give you permission to text them.

Here are the options on how to collect opt-in from your clients and some example descriptions for your opt-in process:

  1. Web Link

    1. "I have a form on my website where people can sign up to receive messages"

  2. Keyword (Autoresponders)

    1. "My customers text my keyword "SUBSCRIBE" to opt-in to marketing messages from me."

  3. Point of Sale (POS)

    1. "I have a step when people check out where they check a box to give me permission to text them"

  4. Paper Form

    1. "I use a form where people can write their contact information at the front of my store. They give us permission for us to text them on the form."

  5. Other

    1. This option is rarely used and should only be used if you have a different way of getting an explicit opt-in from your contacts.

Sample Messages

You'll need to provide an example of a message that you typically send to your contacts. This can be a message you have already sent or one that you intend to send in the future.

For reference, you can take a look at our templates page for examples on what this may look like.

Screenshot Examples

This is proof of how you are collecting opt-in from your contacts.

Here are some examples of what this image could look like:

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