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Using a Custom Field as a Dynamic Tag in a Message
Using a Custom Field as a Dynamic Tag in a Message

How to utilize Custom Fields as Dynamic Tags for use in templates and broadcasts.

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When you create a custom field, it is automatically added to your list of dynamic tags to use in messages.

Dynamic tags transform a message from a cookie-cutter mass text to a personalized message.

To use a custom field as a dynamic tag you will first need guessed it... create a custom field. Find out how here:

If you already have the custom field you want to use as a dynamic tag. Start by creating a message to see what it will look like.

The dynamic tag for your particular custom field will appear under the same name. As you can see below, I used a dynamic tag named "Delivery Area."

This is what my message would look like as a preview to my contact John Doe.

Pro tip: if you want to use this message again, select "Save/Update Template."

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