With MMS, you can send media in all messages, including Broadcasts.

1. Navigate to the Broadcasts module to get started.

2. Click New Broadcasts button in top right corner of page

3. Type your message

4. Click the Media Icon to insert media into the message

5. Send or Schedule the Broadcasts to your Group 😄

If this is your first Broadcast, consider reading the article below and then coming back here. 😄

After you have filled out all the necessary fields attach the media file by selecting the Insert Media icon.

When you click on the icon, it will expand to show you all the media you have already uploaded to MessageDesk.

If you want to add a new piece of content you haven't already uploaded, click Add a New File. You can also upload new media by going into the Media module and clicking Add a New File.

After you have attached the media file, click Send Now or Send Later!

If you have been a user since before 3/19/21, it is likely that you will need to change your MessageDesk number to get access to MMS. It is possible to keep your current MessageDesk number while getting access to MMS with number porting.

Start the number porting process by clicking on the chat bot in the lower right hand side of your screen or emailing us.

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