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Use Your Existing Business Landline or Phone Number with MessageDesk
Use Your Existing Business Landline or Phone Number with MessageDesk
Text-enable your landline or port your existing business phone number into MessageDesk. Send texts from your existing phone line.
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Interested in sending texts from your existing landline or business phone number? As a paid user you can host your existing business line into MessageDesk at no additional cost.

To use your existing landline number in MessageDesk, you will likely want to host your number. That means none of your voice features will change (calls will come into your business how they do now). Instead, MessageDesk will only take over the texting portion of that number.

From here, our team will let you know if your number is able to be hosted on MessageDesk. If so, you'll then be asked to complete a Letter of Authorization where you'll approve the hosting process.

What is Number Porting vs Hosting?

Number porting is when you switch phone providers entirely while maintaining the same number! This is common for people who are activating a phone line they turned off.

Switching phone providers can be intimidating though.

That's why MessageDesk will use Number Hosting to send and receive messages on your behalf.

What is Number Hosting?

Number Hosting is when you keep your existing phone provider + phone number while enabling texting in MessageDesk with your current phone number.

It's called "Hosting" since MessageDesk will "host" the numbers SMS/MMS messaging while your existing calling/voice service will not be interrupted

You would keep your existing phone provider for voice, but we would provide you with messaging capability.

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