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Chatbot Overview

Start SMS conversations from your website with our click-to-text website chatbot

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In this article, we cover how to start conversations on your website using the MessageDesk chatbot.

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How the MessageDesk Chatbot Works

The MessageDesk chatbot lets you start SMS conversations with your website visitors

Customizing the Chatbot

The Messagedesk chatbot consists of 3 elements:

All 3 elements can be customized by navigating to "Campaigns" -> "Chatbot" -> "Edit Chatbot" in MessageDesk.

The Welcome Message (Unopened State)

Once the chatbot is added to your website, the "Welcome Message" will appear at the bottom right corner.

The Welcome Message, image, and chatbot icon can all be customized based on your preferences.

It will look something like this:

The Opened State

When visitors click on the chatbot they will see the "Opened State"

The Open state contains:

  • A heading

  • A form

  • A submit button

All of these can be customized to meet your branding and desired messaging requirements.

The Chatbot Form

You can collect information from your visitors using the Chatbot. You have full control over which information you collect and the order it's presented in.

This way you can customize your chatbot experience to your liking πŸ‘

Form Submission State

This is what the contact sees after they submit the form on the chatbot. You can change the message text by editing it in Step 2 of the chatbot edit sequence.

How to Put the Chatbot on Your Website

To put the MessageDesk Chatbot on your website you'll need to access to your website developer or the platform your website is currently built on.

First, go into MessageDesk -> Chatbot and go to step 4 "Installation". Here you'll see a <script></script> tag that can be embedded directly onto your website.

Your Web developer will know what to do with this, just copy the script tag and send it to them via email or invite them to your MessageDesk account as a user.

If you don't have a web developer and instead rely on CMS platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress or others - I've linked how-to guides for how to manually put the chatbot on your website.

Starting Conversations with the Chatbot

Every time visitors submit your website chatbot the following happen:

  1. A contact in MessageDesk is created or updated

  2. A message is sent to the contact automatically

Contacts will receive an immediate SMS from your MessageDesk phone number once a chatbot is submitted.

What it looks like in MessageDesk:

What it looks like for your Contact:

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