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Learn how to create, embed and edit your MessageDesk chatbot

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The new MessageDesk chatbot makes it easy for your website visitors and customers to start conversations with your team.

The Chatbot can be embedded on your website and will suggest to your website visitors to submit the form. Once the form is submitted it immediately starts a conversation with your team in your MessageDesk Inbox.

Quick Guide

Editing your Chatbot

Customize Fields and Questions

In step 1 of editing your chatbot, you can re-order the fields that are shown, add new fields or remove unneeded fields.

This way you can customize your chatbot experience to your liking ๐Ÿ‘

Editing the Chatbot's Appearance

Unopened State

In step 2 of the chatbot edit you can change the profile picture + the welcome message that appears next to your chatbot

Opened State

In step 2 of editing the chatbot you have the ability to edit the "opened state" which is what the chatbot looks like when clicked.

Here you can change the primary color and the background color. Plus feel free to edit the welcome message and the title of your chatbot.

Form Submission

This is what the contact sees after they submit the form on the chatbot. You can change the message text by editing it in Step 2 of the chatbot edit sequence.

Starting Conversations with Your Chatbot

How the Chatbot Works

When someone visits your website and you have the MessageDesk Chatbot installed they'll see the following in the bottom right corner of the website on any page the Chatbot is installed.

If the visitor clicks into the chatbot, they'll have the ability to submit a message which will show up in your MessageDesk inbox.

Once they submit the form, MessageDesk will automatically reply to them on your behalf with the message of your choice.

The contact receives this message as a normal text message right to there phone. From here they can respond to add additional information to their request.

How to Put the Chatbot on Your Website

To put the MessageDesk Chatbot on your website you'll need to access to your website developer or the platform your website is currently built on.

First, go into MessageDesk -> Chatbot and go to step 4 "Installation". Here you'll see a <script></script> tag that can be embedded directly onto your website.

Your Web developer will know what to do with this, just copy the script tag and send it to them via email or invite them to your MessageDesk account as a user.

If you don't have a web developer and instead rely on CMS platforms like Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress or others - I've linked how-to guides for how to manually put the chatbot on your website.

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