Pro-Tips for the MessageDesk Inbox

Learn about message templates, inbox settings, personalization tags, and Inbox folders.

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As you use MessageDesk more and more, you'll probably find yourself wanting more from the Inbox.

Here's a list of all our "power features' that make managing hundreds of conversations a breeze 🌬️

1. Using Templates

Save and re-use frequently used messages. No longer waste time re-typing the same message over and over again.

NOTE: Templates are shared across your entire team. Making it easy to standardize messages and avoid typos as a team.

2. Personalization Tags

3. Inbox Folders

Use folders in your inbox to keep things organized. Quickly turn existing "groups" of contacts into folders or create new folders and start moving conversations there.

4. Inbox Settings

Manage custom Inbox rules that automate conversation assignments and enable custom notifications. Manage your Inbox settings in Settings -> Inbox Settings

5. Message Scheduling

Schedule messages for some time in the future by clicking the "Calendar" icon.

You can also choose between different "frequencies" in case you need to send the message on a repetitive interval (like weekly, monthly, yearly)

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