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Maximizing your Efficiency in MessageDesk

Learn how to optimize payment collection & workflows while staying as cost-efficient as possible in your text inbox.

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When working in your MessageDesk inbox, there is often room for improvement.

Whether it be in your workflows, payment collection, or the cost of your plan, improvements can often be made.

Here's how to make sure you are using your MessageDesk inbox to the fullest.

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1. What's the best way to collect payments?

What's the point of running a business without payment? Payment collection may be the most important part of providing a good or service to a client. Without it, nobody gets paid and... who doesn't want to get paid? 🤯

In MessageDesk, the most efficient way to collect online payments is by connecting your account to QuickBooks or Xero to take advantage of our seamless integration with these services.

MessageDesk allows you to automate invoice reminders via text to make sure your invoices are collected on-time.

Using invoice automations, your team's accounts receivable should soon be a piece of history.

2. How do I make my workflows more efficient?

Whether collecting invoices, scheduling appointments, or scheduling text messages, everyone has their text-message workflows.

Here are some tips on the most common workflows we see:

1. Appointment reminders

We find calendar integrations with online calendars such as Calendly and Google Calendar to be the most effective way to automate appointment text messages.

With a Calendar integration, MessageDesk can send confirmation texts & facilitate easy rescheduling & cancellation for your appointments.

Wondering how to do this in your account? Here's how

2. Autoresponder text-trees

Autoresponders make it easy to automate text message replies based on keywords. Once a contact text back with a keyword they automatically get added to a group as well.

"Chaining" autoresponders together allow your contacts to sort themselves into groups for targeted marketing campaigns.

Here's an illustration of how text-trees work.

To learn more about text trees, click here.

3. Automate review collection

For every business, reviews are the easiest and most reliable way to generate quality feedback on your goods or services.

With MessageDesk, not only can you create your own online review link using our free Google Review Link Generator, but you can also easily automate review collection.

3. How can I cut down on cost?

Above all other things, cost is often one of the biggest factors in the decision to use or not use the variety of services available to businesses.

At MessageDesk, we're always looking to make your plan as cost-effective as possible, while not sacrificing functionality.

Here are the top 3 ways to reduce the cost of your plan:

  1. Stop metered messaging charges. If you and your team are exceeding the message limits for your plan, reach out to to explore more cost-effective options to cover your message usage.

  2. Refer MessageDesk to others. For each referral you generate, we'll give you one month off your existing plan, no matter the price. Fill out this form to receive your unique referral link.

  3. Re-evaluate your plan. Sometimes, your messaging needs may change. To make sure your plan is cost-efficient, log in to MessageDesk and head to Settings -> Subscription Settings. Once here, check how many message credits you have remaining, or if you've used any metered messages. If either are the case, consider changing your plan tier or reach out to for guidance.

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