Broadcast Checklist

Before you Broadcast a message, be sure to double check the following!

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Broadcast Checklist

When sending a Broadcast it's important to double-check the timing, compliance, and content of your message.


When sending a Broadcast you'll be able to send it right away or schedule it for later.

If you're reaching out to hundreds or thousands of people at once, it's important to consider the timing of this message. Be sure to schedule your message for an appropriate time of day before sending it.

Best times to send...

Looking to get replies? Aim for sending your message between 9 AM and Noon on weekdays. This is when people are usually checking notifications and emails on their phones.

Looking for clicks? Aim for sending your message on the weekends if you're looking for someone to click on a link and take an action. Why? If you send a text during the work day it's unlikely that recipients will voluntarily go down a long-winded process.


When you broadcast a message, it's crucial that you maintain compliance. Otherwise, you're at risk of being flagged for SPAM or even worse having your phone number blocked indefinitely.

So how do you maintain compliance?

Only broadcast to opted-in contacts

The easiest way to stay in compliance is to only broadcast messages to opted-in contacts. Contacts can opt-in by explicitly telling you that they want to receive SMS messages from you. You can collect opt-ins through a form, with SMS keywords, or through a chatbot.

Pro-Tip: use MessageDesk Forms, Autoresponders, and Chatbot to collect opt-ins from contacts 😎

Setup Specific Subscriber Groups

Worried about sending the wrong message to the wrong person? Try setting up specific subscriber groups.

With MessageDesk you can organize your contacts into multiple groups. Then you can Broadcast messages to specific groups.

This is great for setting up specific subscriber groups for specific messaging topics such as "Newsletters", "Product Updates", "Sales Promotions", and "Announcements".

You can help contacts subscribe to specific groups by setting up Keywords or web forms that they can submit.

Contacts who subscribe to specific messaging are more likely to engage and less likely to unsubscribe. It's the best way to ensure you're always sending the right message to the right person.

Register your Phone Number

If you're broadcasting frequently then it's very important that you register your phone number with carriers. Registration helps your phone number avoid being marked as SPAM and gives you more protection against message failures.

To begin registration, follow the steps outlined here.


When broadcasting your message be sure to double-check the content of your message. The last thing we want is for you to send a typo to hundreds of contacts all at once.

The best way to avoid typos is by standardizing your messaging with Templates. Templates allow you to save and reuse messages over and over again.

Pro-Tip: Use message {{Tags}} to auto-insert first names directly into broadcasts 😎

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