Office Hours Overview

Learn how to set up an out of office text message for your business or organization's "open" and "closed" operational office hours.

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What's an Out of Office Message?

An out of office message is an automatic message that gets sent when you or someone at your organization is unavailable to respond - specifically during business or operating hours.

How Does MessageDesk Office Hours Autoresponder Plugin Work?

With the Office Hours plugin, you can set "open" and "closed" or "hours of operation" timeframes for your business or organization.

When a contact texts your MessageDesk workspace during "closed" or "unavailable" or "non-operational" hours, then they automatically get a text message that says something like this:

"Hey there! Thanks for texting us. We're currently away but we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

Why Should You Set Your Office Hours?

Customer service! The more proactive you can be when it comes to customer service, the better.

Out of Office texts are automatic and reactive, but they help you set expectations with your contacts and customers.

When your customer or client gets a clear timeline for when you'll be available and when they can expect a response.

How to Set Up MessageDesk's Automatic Out of Office Messages

1. Click Office Hours.

2. Set your Open and Close times to match your business hours.

(if anyone texts you outside of these hours the "Response Message" will automatically get sent back to your contact

Organization Office Hours

Organization office hours allow you to send automatic "out of office" messages to contacts based on your set availability. Set the days and hours that you're available and open to receiving inbound text messages."

"Out of Office" Response Message

The "Out of Office" Response Message is an automatic message. When a contact texts your organization during non-open (closed) office hours they will automatically receive this message.

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