Everything You Need to Know About the Default Opt-in/Out Autoresponder

Every contact that you send a text message to needs to know how to opt-out of future messaging. This is something that's required under Federal TCPA guidelines for all businesses and organizations.

MessageDesk helps you stay TCPA compliant with the default "Opted Out" Message. You can find this message in your Settings menu.

Note: It's a text messaging and business communications best practice to make sure that you have proper consent from your contacts before you text them.

The Opted Out Autoresponder is set up by default in your MessageDesk account.

Note: You can't delete the Opted Out Autoresponder Campaign, only edit the content of the messages.

How the Opted Out Autoresponder Works

Whenever you send your first text message to a brand-new contact (e.g. you've never texted them before) then the default Opted Out Autoresponder will trigger.

Your contact then receives the default message:

"Hello from {{ OrganizationName }}. Respond any time to opt-in. Reply STOP to opt-out. Message and data rates may apply.

If the message recipient ever texts the keyword STOP, then they are automatically placed in the "Opted Out" Smart Group, Texting STOP will also trigger the following message:

"You have chosen to opt-out of all future messages from {{ OrganizationName }}. Reply at any time to opt-in again."

Once a contact has chosen to opt-out of messaging from you, the Opted Out Group will then keep you from texting them. This is what helps you remain TCPA compliant.

If a contact texts your MessageDesk number at any time or responds to any previous messages, then MessageDesk will automatically remove them from the Opted Out Group and Opt them back into messaging.

How to Edit the Opted Out Autoresponder

1. Go to the Settings Module.

2. Locate and click on the Opt Out tab.

3. Edit your Opt-Out message!

*Note: You can also select whether or not to include the 'Opt-in Welcoming Message' to be sent to all new messages, or just promotional and marketing broadcasts.

To select, use the "Append to All" toggle at the top right of the Opt-out tab. If the toggle is selected, the 'Opt-in Welcoming Message' will be applied to the first text of any conversation. Unselect the toggle to limit the 'Opt-in Welcoming Message' to broadcasts only.

Note: You are required to leave clear instructions that indicate to your contacts how they can opt-out of messaging by texting the keyword, "STOP".

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