Texting Strategies for Boosting Recruitment

Learn how text-to-apply and text-to-hire recruiting campaigns complement your recruitment strategies

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Learn how text-to-apply and text-to-hire recruiting campaigns complement your recruitment strategies

Everyone from the largest companies in the world to small local businesses are scrambling to find and hire the right employees.

There’s a lot of competition out there. This means you need more than hiring bonuses and incentives to fill positions with the right people. So it's time to review and evaluate your recruitment strategies.

In this article, I'll go over 3 ways MessageDesk helps you improve your recruitment, hire the right employees and grow your business from the inside out.

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Unify the entire recruitment process into a single inbox

With MessageDesk your entire recruitment process can be unified into a single inbox under 1 company phone number. With our "inbox views," you can move conversations between different stages of the process.

For example, you might have candidates in one of 3 stages:

  • Applied but needs interview

  • Interview scheduled

  • Interview Completed

With MessageDesk, you can organize your conversations based on these stages. Making it easier for your team to prioritize the right candidate at the right time.

From here you can assign specific conversations to different people on your team using conversation assignment.

With MessageDesk your team is also able to send/receive images, files, and other media with your candidates. Making it easy to collect resumes or share calendars directly with your contacts.

Once you set up your inbox in MessageDesk, you can start running passive recruiting strategies where you publish your phone number on websites, billboards, or other print media and prompt potential candidates to text you directly for the next steps.

If you'd like to have a more organized recruiting process, continue reading to learn about running Text-to-Apply Campaigns...

Run Text-to-Apply Campaigns

When using text messages to reach candidates, most businesses will set up "Text-to" campaigns for recruitment.

These campaigns make it easy for a potential job candidate to send a quick text and receive more information on the job opening.

Quick Guide:

How to set up a Text-to-Apply campaign

In MessageDesk, you can create these campaigns by using our Autoresponder feature.

Once set up, candidates can text any key phrase of your choice and immediately receive an auto-reply that you've set up.

These auto-replies often include links for submitting an application, learning more about a job or they direct to a webpage that lists current job openings.

By default, each keyword in MessageDesk is tied to a unique group of contacts. That way you can view all the candidates that messaged in with the keyphrase.

Organize your inbox based on campaign

You can also add these groups as different "Views" in your inbox. Making it easy to organize conversations by the different text-to-apply campaigns you're running.

Text blast campaign applicants with an update

Once a group is made you'll be able to broadcast group members with a one-way text blast. Making it easy to notify candidates of new openings or updating them with the latest on their application

Connect MessageDesk to Your Recruiting Software

You can connect MessageDesk to over 4,000 other apps by using our Zapier integration.

If you're currently using a software application to manage your recruiting process, there's a good chance you can connect it with MessageDesk.

Once connected, you'll be able to:

  1. Automatically trigger text messages

  2. Schedule interview reminders via SMS

  3. Move job candidates between your Inbox Views automatically (move contacts between groups)

  4. Update Contact information (or create new contacts)

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