Popular Broadcast Use Cases
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Broadcasts are an easy way to engage hundreds and thousands of contacts. But what's the best way to use Broadcast?

In this article, I'll quickly highlight some of the ways our users leverage Broadcast in their daily business operations.

Enjoy πŸ‘

Popular Broadcast Use Cases

I'll cover 5 categories of "broadcast use cases" in this article:

Sales and Marketing Promos

Broadcasting is a great way to drive awareness for a sales promotion you're running. Since 98% of text messages get read, it's way more effective than sending an email.

Learn more about setting up sales and marketing campaigns here.

Staff Communication and Alerts

Having a hard time reaching your staff? Broadcast SMS messages right to their phone with important updates, alerts, or requests.

Product Launches

Need to bring your latest product to market? Send an SMS broadcast notifying your subscribers that you just went live!

P.S. include a discount code or SMS exclusive offer to get some immediate traction πŸ˜„

Text-to-Win & Text-Polls

Want to challenge your subscribers to a contest? Or Survey them for an upcoming event? Try sending a Broadcast that includes keyword autoresponders.

Event Reminders, Advertisements, and Follow-ups

Need to notify guests about an upcoming event? Use Broadcasts to easily keep everyone informed on the upcoming event and its details

Pro-Tip: Schedule your broadcasts on multiple dates for event reminders πŸ‘

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